Danger in the woods

Dear Sasha,

Trust is the most valuable treasure I hold dear and respect comes with it. I regained trust, thought respect would follow along, I was wrong. My action displays anger and disrespect. The resentment in my heart prey on the goodness of my soul. As my mind slips into darkness, my blood boils with vengeance as my fingers twitch with evil. I’ve fallen for make believe emotions of hope. Sasha, you’ve taught me better. You told me not to trust those who fail the values of themselves to caress the comforts of temporary relief. Thou my ears did not consume your words, my mind respected the wisdom and carried forth with your suggestions. I am ashamed that I’m not faithfully committed. I stumble around the tombs of lies just to seek the truth. It burns my soul to hear the cries of the ashes as they try and peel away thier sins.



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For years I have maintained communication with my love, my teacher, my desire, my passion. Sasha has been an inspiration for me, I hope she can be one for you too.

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