A day away from hell

Dear Sasha,

I’m back to where I start earlier this year. I want to establish purpose but then again, I want to self-destruct. It’s ad if there is no median in this scenario, just high and low. Everyday I want to inch closer to my grave so that this reality is just a lost memory. How selfish of me! I have little ones to care for, I have a family to help, I have a job that depends on my service, how could I just throw that away for my own comfort? To be honest, I’ve always lived to satisfy the comforts of others. Everyday I find some way to justify the reasoning behind my actions. I need to find peace, I have to. Either I unify everyone this week so that I can have a life or I die by my own hands.



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For years I have maintained communication with my love, my teacher, my desire, my passion. Sasha has been an inspiration for me, I hope she can be one for you too.

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