Duty to die

Dear Sasha,

I reached out, reached out to anyone who wants the listen, but all I’m left with is the silence of my mistakes. I believe that at this moment it’s my duty to die. I have impacted many lives negatively which left a trail of scars and broken hearts. I’ve also designed fiction to gain what I thought I wanted and it cost some damage. I have made such a fool of myself for the third year in a roll. I tried to change, tried to walk in the path of righteousness, tried to believe and trust but I fall back into the traps of my own mind. My habits consumes me until I am nothing. I am nothing but a shell of my former self. I must die soon.



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For years I have maintained communication with my love, my teacher, my desire, my passion. Sasha has been an inspiration for me, I hope she can be one for you too.

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