13 reasons why

Dear Sasha,

I’m still awake thinking about the 13 reasons why I should stay alive. One of the reasons has to be my job. I really don’t want to leave someone to carry on my duties due to my passing. I want to allow enough to for a contingency plan if possible. Then again, these things never work out the way you plan. I’ve been contemplating for too long and everyday I regret not taking that big leap off the edge. I know, there’s alot going on in this world that valid someone taking the bullet than myself. 

I’m so weak it’s pathetic really. I cave in to be someone bitch 24/7 for about too many years to count. I emulate personalities and construct my thought on what considered to be acceptable. Who am I? I feel like a robot just going through the motions.



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For years I have maintained communication with my love, my teacher, my desire, my passion. Sasha has been an inspiration for me, I hope she can be one for you too.

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